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TOPIC: Neighborhood Intrusions
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Neighborhood Intrusions 10 Years ago  
1. Please remind your neighbors to lock their windows and doors, and be aware of any suspicious activity in the area.

2. Know your neighbors and their vehicles and if any stranger comes to the door with a request to enter, borrow, or beg do not let them in.

3. It is most important to call 911 on the suspicious people that come into the neighborhoods or use some kind of ruse at the door.

4. If someone comes to your door and does not have identification or credentials call 911. If someone comes to the door saying he is a new neighbor, or needs money for ??, or needs to use the phone do not let them in. Call 911 instead. If they needed help they will stick around and wait for us. If they were up to no good they will usually leave. Try as best as you can to get a de_script_ion (clothing, age, gender, race, vehicle, and direction of travel).

5. Never open your door to talk to someone you do not know. Talk to them through the security door, door, or window.

6. Lock your car doors, keep your windows locked, and do not leave valuables in your car (or at the very least within view inside your car).

Please pass the word as best as you can. Please report all suspicious activity and all suspicious persons.

Tammie Thomas
Community Resource Officer
Tucson Police Department
Operations Division Midtown


The de_script_ion you call in may be _link_ed up with nearby police incidents to help solve a crime. See also: "Be a Good Witness" http://nsn.soaz.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=93&Itemid=49
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