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TOPIC: Re:Ugly Property
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Ugly Property 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
New neighbors have moved into a single family rental in your neighborhood. After a week or two, the place looks like a dump. Stacks of lumber, car parts, building materials, trash and a junked car are visible from the street. Next door neighbors are complaining.

What do you do?

(Maybe we can use forum entries to gather together a Best Practices article that combines the wisdom of the group. Please give us your best thinking.)
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Re:Ugly Property 10 Years, 3 Months ago  
As a neighborhood leader you must realize that you represent both the old neighbors and these new ones. It is your job to know who is charged with certain responsabilities.

In my area, I would first direct the old neighbors to the Home Owners Association. They have a very indepth system for dealing with such issues. Second, I would tell them more about City of Tucson's Department of Neighborhood Resources. Third, I would arm them with the county's info.

Now you have an empowered neighbor. Armed with the support that neighbor needs, I would recomend that the old neighbor take some food over to his new neighbor and introduce themselves.

I think the old neighbor should feel abliged to invite the new neighbor to the next neighborhood meeting after all the support you provided. Remember, in your example this wil happen several times from different neighbors.

Welcome to the neighborhood!
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