NSN Core Group Meeting - 2/13/08
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The following NSN Core Group members met 6:30 - 8:00 PM at St. Francis Cabrini church: Michael Ray, Barbara Stoddard, Donald Ijams, Ronni Kotwica, Bob Bowers, Marc Haberman and new member Ron Spark of El Encanto Estates. Wood Sanders was ill and unable to attend. Lori Boston and Brad Tatham are no longer part of the NSN Core Group.

The group spent some time discussing followups to the January 19 general NSN meeting.  Ijams described the crime followup meeting of Jan. 30 and the push he is making for education in crime prevention strategies for neighborhood leaders.  Ijams and some of the crime followup group members will be meeting with TPD on Feb. 27 to discuss better access to fresh crime data. Grant funding might be sought for support of web-based easy access to crime data if it is obtained from TPD.

Michael Ray made a suggestion that outside help be sought in surveying neighborhood leaders.  A neighborhood leadership survey might be an interesting project for a UA gradate student. Bob Bowers urged that preliminary discussions with leaders should occur to uncover questions of interest that would then be included in the survey.

Several examples of turmoil in neighborhoods were brought forward, showing the need for usable assistance and organized mediation and other resource referrals that outside leaders could provide.

The relative reluctance of NSN members to log into the website was noted.  Bowers will look into using Freedom Park or library computer labs for possible beginning classes on how to get the most out of the NSN and similar websites. A number of leaders are not computer comfortable and perhaps would be attracted to a safe place for learning more.

The Transportation discussion group of January 19 asked for a workshop or other educational opportunity on the particulars of traffic problem mitigation techniques and which might work best in particular circumstances.  The focus should be on which techniques (e.g. traffic circles, speed humps, chicanes) actually slow down or divert traffic and how to work with City Transportation to get projects built.

Barbara Stoddard said that the Development discussion group of January 19 was looking for an educational opportunity on the liquor license issuance/renewal process and how neighborhoods can play a proper role.

A newsletter for NSN was suggested and Ronni offered to head up the effort to get one published.

The NSN Core Group will be discussing the nature and design of the next NSN general meeting, tentatively scheduled for late April 2008.  Needs for social time among leaders versus desire for focused small group discussion were considered. Three hours for meeting was too long, but social time was appreciated and small group discussion times were too short. Format options and time of day choices will be included in a mass email query to NSN members.

Neighborhood leaders should help spread the word about the NSN website, especially to their board members, and to opinion leaders and past neighborhood officers.

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