NSN Crime Followup Meeting - 01-30-08
Written by Crime Content Coordinator   

On Wednesday January 30, 2008, 14 neighborhood leaders met at Martha Cooper Library to continue their discussion on crime from the January 19 NSN meeting.  Attendees came from the following neighborhoods:

Peter Howell
Midtown The Garden District
Sam Hughes
Enchanted Hills
El Encanto
San Carlos
Palo Verde
West University
Vista Del Monte
Sombras Del Cerro

Topics discussed included:

  • Recent crime problems in several neighborhoods (including Cabrini NA)
  • Access to police data in an easy and timely manner
  • Police-community joint efforts to solve crime problems, and keep them solved
  • Problem-solving techniques - basic education on the crime triangle
  • Welcome packets for new neighbors, and their problem-prevention use
  • How to sell neighbors on "extended personal space" - a core neighborhood watch concept
  • Uncooperative property owners and crime prevention

The group agreed that a delegation of leaders would approach TPD to discuss possible improved data access for neighborhood leaders. Also, followup was desired on welcome packets for new neighbors, issues templates for TPD meeting guidance and further education on crime problem solving.

A copy of the MS Powerpoint presentation Don Ijams used in the meeting is available for download  (161k pdf).

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