Be a Good Witness
Written by Brad Holland/Judith Anderson   
When you see something that doesn't look right to you, like "suspicious behavior", call 911 and give the police the information below. Even if they can't respond immediately, your report is the basis for "reasonable suspicion" that gives them the legal right to question individuals or investigate later.

Describe what you saw.
  • How many people were involved?
  • What were they doing?

Describe the individuals.
  • Male/female?
  • How tall?
  • Color of hair and skin?
  • What were they wearing?

Describe the location.
  • What's the address where you are?
  • Where did you see the suspicious activity?
  • Where (what direction) did they come from and where were they going?

Describe any vehicle involved.
  • License number?  Arizona plate?
  • Make & model?
  • Old/new, color, condition?
  • Bumper stickers

It takes a community to catch a crook!   Please do your part.

Thanks to Helen Garfinkle, Brad Holland, Judith Anderson  and Doolen-Fruitvale Neighborhood for this helpful guide.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 January 2008 )
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