Feldman's NA Crime Listing
Written by Crime Content Coordinator   

Diana Lett, of the Feldman's Neighborhood Association , shared the following with us:

"I request that neighbors in Feldman's report crimes to me (after calling 911, of course).  I compile the info, print it out before each meeting, and provide it to the TPD representatives who attend our meetings.  It's a different person every month, so I add explanatory notes.  At least once a month, I e-mail the info to our Ward VI liaison.

Our homegrown crime list seems to be useful to the cops on the beat.  TPD data is collected in a manner that separates the "serious" crimes (like burglary) from the "minor" crimes (like criminal damage, which in our neighborhood generally means attempted burglary).  The problem with the TPD approach is that so-called minor crimes are committed by the same people as the major crimes.  Our list helps them connect the dots."


Last Updated ( Monday, 28 January 2008 )
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