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Last week, the Neighborhood Support Network (NSN) completed its organizational phase with the second of two meetings bringing together leaders from across the City. At the end of the second meeting, the Network was declared open for business.

Both groups in the organizational meetings (Oct. 6 & 16) produced comments and recommendations on several topics. This material has been gathered together and is available for review here . NSN will be using this material in its planning for future directions and events.

A Core Group, for central management of the Network, is now being formed. All members of the Network, whether on the email list or not, are invited to join this group. Commitment to the purposes of the Network and willingness to work toward its wellbeing are the only requirements. Core group members will meet occasionally, as needed, and will do much of their communication by email.  For the time being, I have assumed the role of Network Coordinator and will receive your messages of interest.  I will convene the first meeting of the core group in the near future. Please let me know of your willingness to serve in this group at your earliest convenience.

The NSN website is coming along. I have been putting in significant time to learn the web content management system being used as the backbone of our computerized information storehouse. I have asked for and received help from two sources and have started over several times as I have learned the ins and outs of putting content where it will be convenient for members to find. I will be making changes to the site, especially in the early stages, and will appreciate your suggestions for improvements. I remain confident that this system will serve us well as we go forward.

As you can tell from looking over the website, we need content to fill it out.  I am hoping that the NSN can recruit a group of content coordinators. For example, a Training/Mentoring Content Coordinator would gather information about available training that would be relevant to neighborhood leaders and place into the correct section of the website.  As a mentoring program is developed, this Content Coordinator would act as a resource, placing announcements, background material and even web-based training modules onto the site. I see other Coordinators for Crime, Traffic, Best Practices, etc. I will train/work with whoever volunteers. If you would like to help the Network in one of these roles, please let me know.  This has the potential to be one of the most valuable parts of NSN. I can’t/shouldn’t do it by myself.

I have registered NSN as a ‘coalition’ with the City’s Department of Neighborhood Resources (DNR). The primary service I see DNR providing is mailing and meeting arrangement support. I am assembling a master mailing list.  If DNR has your correct mailing address on its master list or you are pretty sure I have your correct address, you need do nothing. Otherwise, would you please send me your mailing address? We will take advantage of the City’s assistance in helping us succeed. I met with DNR’s Levonne Gaddy, Community Services Manager, who graciously smoothed the way for us to be accepted into their group of neighborhood-related organizations.

In addition to Levonne, I accepted invitations from and met with a number of people/groups in the recent past, to spread our purpose and plans, and to seek support. These include:

  • Chris Kaselemis, Planning Administrator and Rebecca Ruopp, Neigh. Planning Section, City Urban Planning and Design
  • Yolanda Herrera, Sunnyside NA, Tucson Neighborhood Association City-Wide Conference (TNACC) and the Oct. 18 meeting of the Southside Neighborhood Association Presidential Partnership (SNAPP)
  • Jean Maldonado, PRO Neighborhoods
  • Anita Fonte, Community Renaissance and Besst Trendss
  • Dave Bilgray, Miramonte NA Apartment Committee (incl. apt. owners/mgrs)
  • Christopher B.R. Diller, Research Associate, Decision Support Center, Center for the Management of Information (CMI), The University of Arizona

The October 16 organizational group was polled as to what meetings of the total Network should take place, what they should cover and when they should meet.  There was some sentiment for a meeting of all the members.  November and December meeting dates were ruled out. For discussion purposes, this proposed meeting could take place Saturday, January 5 or 12, 2008 from 1 – 4 PM.  A core topic of discussion could be . . . .   Reactions?

If you see some method or role for helping the NSN become stronger, please don’t hesitate to suggest it. It would be even better if you offered to help bring your suggestion into being.


  • Review the Oct. 6 & 16 Discussion Results
  • Consider joining the NSN Core Group – advise soon
  • Consider becoming a Content Coordinator for the website
  • Send me your mailing address for the master list if not already done
  • Make suggestions about our next meeting and/or anything else for NSN
  • Mail in neighborhood surveys (a and b) if still outstanding

Donald Ijams, Network Coordinator
Neighborhood Support Network
4204 E. 4th Pl. Tucson, Az 85711
795-0770 - ijamsaz at
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