Miramonte Neighborhood Plan
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"This Miramonte Neighborhood Plan is the result of a two-year process, which included public meetings with the general Neighborhood, a selected steering committee, design workshops, one-on-one discussions, questionnaires, surveys, and a healthy interactive process among Miramonte neighbors, stakeholders, and planners." (Map)

Miramonte Neighborhood Plan 6/17/08

The Miramonte Neighborhood Plan (the Plan) includes the following elements:

  • a vision statement, i.e., a consensus word picture of a desired future
  • an explanation of circumstances under which the Plan will be implemented
  • a description of a process to assess the Neighborhood’s progress with the Plan
  • six major goals that define the desirable future state of the Neighborhood. Each goal includes policies, i.e., commitments to the course of action that will lead the Neighborhood toward its goals, and specific strategies, i.e., available or recommended means for implementation of the policies. 

A Public Meeting on the Draft Neighborhood Plan, is planned for 6:30 PM, Tuesday, January 22nd, at Ward Six

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