Keep Your Pets Legal and Alive
Written by Ronni Kotwica   
  • Dogs must be kept on a six-foot leash when off the owner’s property, and must be confined or restrained while on the owner’s property. According to Tucson City Code, it is unlawful to allow dogs to run at large.
  • All dog litter is the responsibility of the dog walker.  Please plan ahead and take a bag and ‘scooper’ with you to remove the poop!
  • Cats roaming ‘free’ may not come home.
  • There are a number of dog parks where licensed dogs can run free.  Please refer to these parks within the City of Tucson boundaries.
  • Please do not take your dog to any school grounds to run off-leash. No person shall bring any dog onto school grounds, regardless of whether the dog is on a leash.  (Ord. No. 6043, Section 20, 6-25-84)
  • There are coyotes  and owls in many of our neighborhoods, especially those close to a wash within the neighborhoods boundaries. Do not feed wild animals or be nice to them, but scare them off with noise and gestures.
  • Citations can be given to the owner of any animal or bird which frequently or continuously makes disturbing noises.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 December 2012 )
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