Civano's Aging in Community Group
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Civano Neighbors ' Aging in Community working group currently consists of approximately 40 trained neighbors volunteering to assist neighbor clients in maintaining their independence.


Around 2004, Civano resident Paul Rolling advanced several ideas about aging: elder cohousing and an aging in place support group. Paul explained that traditional retirement communities would not be appealing to a large percentage of baby boomers, but that a combination of community based support systems would delay or eliminate the need for institutional care facilities like assisted living and nursing homes.

It was hoped that Civano residents would not have to abandon their homes to move into these commercially supported facilities because they could no longer reliably do important tasks such as going to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy trips, minor home maintenance, etc, but could rely on a group of volunteers (aging in place). With the continuing aging of these residents there would be a time when they could move into cohousing facilities with shared amenities and mutual support.

Approximately 50% of Civano residents are over 50 years old.  There were no established volunteer groups within Civano to help seniors and other residents in non-life threatening situations, thought there were some of the usual neighbor helping neighbor assistance.

The Program

In Nov. 2005, the Civano Neighbors association asked Bob Small to organize an aging in place group, a support program primarily for the mature residents, but also involving all residents regardless of age. The group, now called the "Aging in Community" working group, currently consists of approximately 40 trained neighbors volunteering to assist neighbor clients in maintaining their independence.

Initially the group is attempting to provide a variety of services to the mature residents of Civano; i.e. transportation, home visits, occasional meal preparation, phone calls, care giver support and assistance in finding City, County and State agencies for extended support through the Pima Council on Aging's Ambassador Program. Aging in Community (AIC), designed to be a free service, is part of the Neighbors Care Alliance , administered through PCOA.  The program has just completed a grant from ProNeighborhood for training and education of residents.

AIC has also given its support to a proposed Civano Middle school. This support, along with that from other groups within Civano, has helped the Vail school district commit to building the school. The benefit to AIC is that the building will have an activity room that could be used by AIC as an office.

Communications with clients and volunteers is done with a dedicated cell phone.  Brochures and survey forms have been distributed to all households. Community-wide health and related topic seminars have been established. The biggest challenge for AIC will be to establish reliable funding from local sources.

For more Information about Aging in Community or Civano Neighbors contact Bob Small at 520-398-7100 or littlehelga at

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