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A new forum component has been added to the NSN website. A forum is a place on a website where topic oriented messages may be created, to form an electronic conversation. You are invited to participate.

<-- See the Forum menu entry under Information. 

Description: The NSN Forum is designed to help Tucson's neighborhood leaders communicate with each other, share problems, share solutions and discuss issues. Neighborhood leaders have full access - neighbors and other interested persons are welcome to read the content.

The main objective is to provide an area where leaders can interact with questions, answers and discussions on a given topic.

The former location for this activity was the Tucson Neighborhood Leaders Discussion Group. This Google Group will be left running, but NSN members are urged to use the built-in NSN Forum for ongoing discussion.

All viewers of the website are welcome to view the discussions in the Forum. Registered users of the NSN website, who are logged in, will be able to post new messages, edit their previous messages, set up a profile and start new discussions (threads).

Helpful information on internet forums can be found on Wikipedia.

Between November 13 - 30,  the NSN Coordinator sent all NSN members email messages with information allowing them to log in as Registered Users and to set their passwords for the NSN website.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 January 2008 )
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