Organizational Meeting of Tuesday October 16, 2007
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Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:57:21 -0700

Last evening, Tuesday, October 16, 2007, the Neighborhood Support Network met at the Northwest Center for the second of two organizational meetings. There were 35 neighborhood leaders in attendance, representing 29 neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Name
Barrio San Antonio Jacky Turchick
Bear Canyon Ann Charles
Bear Canyon Lori Oien
Blenman-Elm Alice Roe
Campbell-Grant NE Mike Hayes
Campus Farm Bonnie Poulos
Casas de Kino HOA Bill Seitz
Civano Neighbors Bob Small
Dodge Flower Barbara Lehman
El Presidio Tom Pashos
Feldman's Diana Lett
Flowing Wells Ellie Towne
Grant & Silverbell Jean Maldonado
Hedrick Acres Linda Drew
Limberlost Michael Ray
Menlo Park Mac Hudson
Mountain View Bill Crouse
Mountain/1st Ron Proctor
Old Fort Lowell Judy Ciampoli
Palo Verde Ronni Kotwica
Palo Verde Wood Sanders
Peter Howell Donald Ijams
Prince-Tucson John Kovacik
Rosemont West Barbara Stoddard
Rosemont West Brad Tatham
Sam Hughes Carolyn Classen
San Clemente Tony Haswell
Santa Cruz SW Beryl Baker
Silvercroft Gloria Manzanedo
South Park Jeanette Seitz
Toumey Park Bob Bowers
Udall Park Walt Stephenson
West University Cheri Wiens
West University Dave Croteau
West University Lori Boston

After some introductory remarks by Don Ijams, the history of the group and its purpose were discussed, the agenda was reviewed and some ground rules were established. Participants were asked to introduce themselves with short bios and current interests. Leaders were then organized into five 6 – 8 person groups for discussion of the following topics:

  1. When you think about your most successful efforts as a neighborhood leader, what were the factors that contributed to that success?
  2. What have you discovered is the best way to get the services you need from City departments?
  3. What three wishes do you have for the future of the Neighborhood Support Network?

Groups were reconstituted between discussion sessions to increase opportunities to meet other leaders. The goal of these table conversations was to get leaders close to each other and to begin to make connections. Results of these discussions were shared with the whole group. The evening ended with a large group open discussion, focusing mostly on the Network's methods of operation, governance, financing and communication, and what the next group activity should comprise.
Results of Leaders' Small Group Discussions

At the end, the Neighborhood Support Network was declared active and all meeting participants were welcomed as members. Participants from the Oct. 6 organizational meeting are also welcomed into membership, as are neighborhood leaders both on the emailing list and currently active elsewhere in neighborhoods.

A core group will be convened to manage the progress of the Network. It is expected that other members will float in and out of the Network as they need training, connections, information and ideas from other neighborhood leaders, and as they are willing to share information, expertise, participation and topic knowledge with others.

The next meeting of the NSN is scheduled for the middle of January 2008. The value of two similar meetings, at different times and locations, was recognized. At the same time, there was sentiment for one citywide gathering, however hard it is to find a date/time appropriate for all. Details will follow.

The NSN website is being continuously enhanced, to bring it to a place where it can serve as a hub for NSN information, priorities, current neighborhood status and activities, training opportunities and play a number of other roles. Similar development of the NSN GoogleGroup is taking place.

Donald Ijams, Network Coordinator
Neighborhood Support Network


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