Problem Solving Analyst
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A relatively new concept has come forward in law enforcement - the development and use of the Problem Solving Analyst. This person works for law enforcement, as part of a team, and endeavors to bring the best of problem-solving techniques to bear on community-police identified crime problems.

Crime Analysis for Problem Solvers in 60 Small Steps   (1m pdf) - Ronald Clarke and John Eck

"In this manual, Ronald Clarke and John Eck set out a much more ambitious and potentially productive agenda for the analyst. They outline a role in which the crime analyst invests heavily in seeking new responses to the problems that are diagnosed and participates directly in efforts to test and implement them. The analyst is expected to contribute to exploring new, more creative, and potentially more effective ways of carrying out the police job.

Through this manual, Clarke and Eck demonstrate how one analyst, properly trained and utilized, has the potential to increase many times the productivity and effectiveness of perhaps hundreds of police officers. Understood in this way, an investment in crime analysts can be a smart way to increase the return on the substantial investment that communities make in sworn police personnel."

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