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An intervention is a semi-permanent change in the environment that significantly intervenes in the connection between victims, offenders and places.

An intervention may be nothing more than a property owner installing No Trespassing signs and cooperating with police in their enforcement. This "intervenes" in the crime triangle, coming between offenders and potential victims at crime-prone locations. Closing a park at times of high crime and low regular usage is another intervention of the same type, as are court-ordered area restrictions.

Finding, promoting, establishing or fine-tuning alternate activities for young people may intervene in habits of casual crime. Locating a new activity at a troublesome location may change the dynamics that previously 'allowed' casual crime to occur.

Systematically strengthening pawn shop reporting may intervene in offender motivation when stolen property is harder to sell or frequent pawners are tied to recent burglaries. Swap meet monitoring is a similar intervention.

Convincing rental property managers to cease offering 'free utilities' may exclude individuals who bail out on utility bills as part of a criminal way of life. This intervenes between offender and location.

More than one intervention is desirable for any given situation, given the imperfect results that are usually achieved with human environmental changes.

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