Avoid Band-Aids
Written by Crime Content Coordinator   

When planning to solve crime problems . . .

Too often, citizens and police identify a crime problem and through the application of standard police work the problem goes away.

  • For while.
  • Or at this location
  • Or at this time of day
  • Or for this set of victims
  • Or for this offender
  • And so on.

Sometimes, there is enough study of the problem, enough imaginative planning, and enough dogged experimentation to figure out what works (and keeps on working) that the crime problem is really solved and stays solved. Sometines, only a band-aid gets applied.

Don' t be satisfied with band-aids. Press hard for real study of the problem. Urge the police to gather better information when they interview criminals. Bring that information into the planning process. Press for careful measurement of what's supposed to change as the result of various efforts. Press for the recording of a useful baseline of conditions, so that change is clear.

Don' t be satisfied with a band-aid: "a makeshift, limited, or temporary aid or solution that does not satisfy the basic or long-range need."

Last Updated ( Monday, 31 December 2007 )
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