NSN Core Group Meeting - 12/05/07
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The Core Group of the Neighborhood Support Network (NSN) met Wednesday evening, December 5, 2007 at the Martha Cooper Library. In attendance were Michael Ray, Brad Tatham, Wood Sanders, Barbara Stoddard, Ronni Kotwica,  Robert Bowers, Marc Haberman and Donald Ijams. Lori Boston was unable to attend and Ida Plotkin has left the group at her request. The Core Group is providing central guidance to NSN activities and development.

Two topics dominated the meeting: 1) how to add content to the Network’s website and 2) how the January 19, 2008 total NSN meeting should be designed.


Core Group members reviewed possible event calendar options on the NSN test website. They also saw the forum module in action. These two additions, as well as a number of small improvements, will be added soon to the main site. Don Ijams demonstrated the actual process of adding content to the website and answered questions.

Wood Sanders has assumed the Aging Content Coordinator role and Michael Ray will work with the Great Ideas section. All of the Core Group members have committed to adding content to the website.

January Meeting

The upcoming all-NSN meeting is planned for 1 – 4 PM on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at the Freedom Park Center, 5000 E. 29th St.

The program planners, headed by Bob Bowers, want to continue providing opportunities for neighborhood leaders from across the community to get to know each other, to build trust and to help each other with ideas, information sources and tips. Good networking requires effort and the meeting on January 19 offers a great opportunity to socialize and to meet others in similar circumstances.

Since small groups allow better discussion than one large group, Jan. 19 will feature some topic oriented sessions for attendees to choose among. Tentative topics are crime, development, transportation/traffic and web content/forum. Thought-provoking questions are now being solicited for each area. The working plan is to follow some socializing time and opeining remarks with two timeframes, each with the same 3 – 4 small group topics to choose among. More informartion and an opportunity to RSVP will come in early January.

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