NSN Core Group Meeting - 11/14/07
Written by NSN Coordinator   
The Neighborhood Support Network Core Group’s first meeting was Wednesday November 14, 2007 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in a meeting room at the Ward VI office. The ten neighborhood leaders who volunteered to serve in this group and were in attendance included:

 Michael Ray  Brad Tatham
 Wood Sanders  Barbara Stoddard
 Ronni Kotwica    Ida Plotkin
 Robert Bowers  Lori Boston
 Marc Haberman  Donald Ijams

The agenda included:

  1. Introductions
  2. Network Status
    • October Organizational Meetings
    • Network Management  Decision Making
    • Goals - Networking Levels
    • Roles needed
  3. Populating the web site with useful information
    • Registered Users
    • Content Coordinators
    • Survey Data
  4. Next Meetings - Core & Total Group
  5. Open Discussion

The status of NSN was reviewed and connectivity among neighborhood leaders was the issue of most importance as the Network builds. The mission of the Core Group, as the guiding force behind NSN, was reviewed and use of the group’s talents, experience and interests was accented. Wishes for the Network , as expressed in the Oct. organizational meetings, were reviewed.

An extended discussion took place surrounding the NSN website.  Creating content of value was considered of primary importance. Additional areas for possible inclusion on the website include Nitty Gritty, Funding and Community Involvement. The following content coordinator commitments were made:

·    Training - Robert Bowers, Michael Ray assisting
·    Crime - Marc Haberman, Don Ijams assisting
·    Physical Environment (development, infill, phys. infrastructure, neigh. appearance)
       - Barbara Stoddard, Lori Boston assisting
·    Aging - Bob Small (Civano Neighbors), Wood Sanders and Marc Haberman assisting
·    Traffic/Parking - Brad Tatham
·    Neighborhoods - Ronni Kotwica

A meeting is planned for the total NSN membership in January 2008. Michael Ray, Robert Bowers, Wood Sanders, Ronni Kotwica and Marc Haberman will head up planning for this event.  A date and location will be established at the earliest possible time.

Ida Plotkin and Lori Boston want to work on a central events calendar for the website. Ronni Kotwica will assist with Network communications. Robert Bowers will work to set up a forum within the Network's website.

The Core Group will next meet Wed. December 5, 2007.


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