NSN Meeting - 4/26/11
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Twenty two neighborhood leaders gathered together on April 26 to participate in an informal discussion of planning and growth related issues in the Tucson region. Main goals for the meeting were: 1) Get neighborhood leaders to better understand Imagine Greater Tucson, dispel myths, and begin to appreciate Phase I results. 2) Inform leaders about Phase II and entice them to buy in to what IGT is offering. 3) Work on defining what leaders' roles are in dealing with the region's future.

The slides used for supporting much of the discussion are available here

Josh Pope, from IGT, described the process that will be used in Phase II workshops, how the workshop results will be used and answered questions.

We had lots of spirited discussion and ran out of time towards the end of the agenda. Another NSN meeting on this topic may occur this summer, to continue the conversation.

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