"If You See Something, Say Something"
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"If you see something, say something" This slogan, first used by NY Metro Transit and then by Homeland Security, could be expanded to help spot growing situations where someone could snap and do a mass shooting. What are the signs? To whom should we say something? What should happen then?

This line of approach may have a better chance of reducing the likelihood of the next school (or shopping center) shooting than reducing gun availability. In Connecticut, the December 2012 shooter's Mom owned the guns.


Though we don't have answers to questions posed above, here in Tucson there are places to start "If you see something and need to say something."  If someone appears on the verge of snapping or you feel as though they are very possibly a danger to the community, say something to the people at Southern Arizona Mental Health Center, the county's central mental health intake facility.

SAMHC Community-Wide 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Line at 520-622-6000 or 800-796-6762

SAMHC - Walkin Crisis Center or help with Involuntary Psychiatric Evaluation - 2502 N. Dodge Bl. Suite 190 - 520-617-0043

If someone you know has a mental illness that is impacting their ability to care for or control themselves and you feel further psychiatric evaluation would help, then you may come to SAMHC to complete an Application for Involuntary Evaluation . In Pima County, SAMHC is the screening agency for Applications for Involuntary Evaluation, otherwise known as Pre-Petitions. This process may be started by any responsible individual, e.g., friend, family member, law enforcement, etc.

There are at least 100 Nancy Lanzas across America who are cowering tonight, worrying what to do with their reclusive, troubled sons. Some of these mothers have guns in their homes for self defense. How can we help these women? Sunday December 16. 2012

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