Graffiti Action Forum - Followup
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Thirty one names were on the sign in list at the Saturday October 13, 2012 meeting of the Graffiti Action Forum. There was a lively discussion of a number of issues central to how graffiti is handled in Tucson.  Eight focal areas were identified for followup action.  Lead people for each of the focal areas are being sought. Organizing meetings for each area are planned. More to follow.

Oct. 13 Agenda   -  Focal Areas  -  News Release  -  GraffitiHurts  -  Tips for Homeowners

Good information on reporting graffiti in Tucson and tips for cleaning it up  

Progress is under way in several of the graffiti action focus areas:

  • a meeting is scheduled on 10-30 with City Transportation officials who manage the City's graffiti reporting and cleaning program - rescheduled to 11-13
  • a meeting is scheduled on 10-26 to begin planning a justice watch program - Justice Watch Tucson is launched. Followup meeting 11-08.
  • a meeting is scheduled on 11-13 with City Court administration to look into establishing a flow of information on upcoming court events, organized by neighborhood
  • initial contact has been made with Tucson Police regarding the process for identifying graffiti prone locations

    How about attending the Zero Graffiti International Conference in January 2013?  Check it Out          Here are the speakers   - amazing people!
    As of 11-5-12, updates on the Graffiti Action Forum have been moved to the GAF Facebook page.
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