Vision for a Greater Tucson Region
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Revised: Imagine Greater Tucson's vision document - LOOKING FORWARD: A VISION FOR A GREATER TUCSON REGION - was released Friday afternoon (092812) for all of us to consider. After attending the launch event downtown, my quick question coming out of the event was What is the vision?  The shortest answer that makes sense to me:
We as a region want something different than just drifting along taking it as it comes. We want an alternate future that is better in tune with our needs and values. This alternate has some of the things we like and want to maintain, and some new directions to change things we don't like.  There are a lot of facets to this preferred future, many of which are described in the IGT Vision document.

". . . the people of our region have clearly expressed a desire for a community that is unique, prosperous, vibrant, affordable, and accessible. It must be a community that honors its past, celebrates the beauty and fragility of the natural environment, offers choices and opportunity for all of us, and authentically reflects our cultural diversity and who we are as Southern Arizonans."  (With much more detail available) p. 40
"The purpose of a vision is to establish a strong, cohesive identity for our region and an agreed-upon basis for public decision-making and collective action for the future." p. 11 

This document is very much worth reading with as open a mind as possible.

Please give the document a chance - give it enough time to begin to digest what's there. Study it. It is important and is a lot for us to incorporate into our thinking going forward.
What do you think of the idea of 'compact neighborhoods' ?  See p. 34 of the Vision document.
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