Keeping Your Block Safe With 'For Sale' Homes
Written by Ronni Kotwica   

Do you have a vacant home on your block? Especially during colder weather, homeless folks are looking for shelter and a vacant house provides just that. A sure signal for someone seeking shelter is a FOR SALE sign, no lights, and signs of no activity on the property. What should you do to protect your home and those around you?

  • Contact the Realtor: Express your concern. Suggest they purchase at least two timers: one for the living room – to have lights on from 5:30PM – 10PM; one for the bedroom with the timer set from 9-11:30PM. Unless someone is casing the place, ‘lights on’ gives the appearance of the house being occupied.
  • Remove fliers that have been hung on doors or gates.
  • Collect any junk mail from the mailbox or yard and put it aside for the realtor.
  • If the blinds/curtains have been pulled shut, speak to the realtor to leave curtains open a crack, and turn the blinds down, but open just a bit to let lights at night shine through.
  • If the landscaping begins to die or looks ragged, contact the realtor with a reminder that the property needs to be maintained.
  • Ask the realtor/owner to install photo-sensitive outdoor lights that turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • If you see any suspicious activity – call 9-1-1. And Remember to HARDEN THE TARGET!

Based on an article from the December 2009 Palo Verde NA newsletter

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 January 2010 )
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