Training for Landlords - July 8
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Pass the word to your neighbors who own any kind of rental property . . . 

The Tucson Police Department offers the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) program to Tucson area landlords of all kinds including those who rent single family homes. This program is nationally recognized and is a proven way to avoid problem renters and to prevent crime and disorder from expanding into neighborhoods.

Here is an opportunity for landlords to help their rental properties be an asset to the surrounding neighborhood and to be less of a headache to operate.

The next Crime Free Multi-Housing program begins Thursday, July 8, 2010. The seminar will be held in the main meeting room of the TPD Midtown Substation, 1100 S. Alvernon Way. There is no charge for participating in the first part of the training. The schedule of events for the 8 AM - 5 PM day includes the following:

  • Description of the CFMH steps and certification
  • Fair Housing - by Sandy Fagan, Southwest Fair Housing Council
  • Why and how to do renter screening
  • Background and credit checks
  • Rental Agreements and the Crime Free Lease Addendum
  • Eviction Processes - Pima County Constable's Office

  • Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act - by a Crime Free Multi-Housing Program attorney
  • Rights and Obligations of Landlords - Rights and Obligations of Tenants
  • Drug Recognition - What drug users/dealers can do to your rental property - by Tucson Police drug enforcement officers
  • Gangs - What gang members can do to your rental property - by Tucson Police gang enforcement officers

The program is in three parts the first part of which is a jam packed orientation to the ins and outs of renting property in Tucson. The eight hour first session, which can stand by itself, is open to all landlords, property managers, and any other persons interested in rental property in Tucson. The second and third parts of the program are necessary for Crime Free certification and are more directly aimed at apartment managers and owners.

Some of the benefits of participating in the program (including items from TPD's website):

  • Keeping illegal and disruptive activity out of rental property which results in
  • A stable, more satisfied tenant base
  • Increased demand for rental units with a reputation for active management
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Increased property values
  • Improved personal safety for tenants, landlords, and managers

Points to Consider

When drug criminals and other destructive tenants operate out of rental property, neighborhoods suffer and landlords pay a high price. That price may include:

  • Decline in property values — particularly when the activity begins affecting the reputation of the neighborhood
  • Property damage arising from abuse, retaliation, or neglect; property damage from police raids
  • Fire resulting from drug manufacturing or growing operations
  • Civil penalties, including temporary closure of the property or even property seizure
  • Loss of rent during the eviction and repairs period
  • Fear and frustration when dealing with dangerous and threatening tenants
  • Increased resentment and anger between neighbors and property managers
  • The loss of other valued tenants

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was designed to help tenants, owners, and the managers of rental property keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property. This program is honest and direct. It is solution oriented. It is designed to be easy, yet very effective in reducing the incidence of crime in rental property. (More information)

This program is endorsed by the Neighborhood Support Network of Tucson and Southern Arizona as one of the best ways to prevent crime and disorder from happening in neighborhoods. The next round of Crime Free training is scheduled for Thursday, July 8, 2010.

To sign up, please print this registration form, fill it out and and mail or fax it to the address shown on the form. Your investment of time will be well rewarded and the neighbors of your rental property will thank you.


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