Increased Enforcement - Barking Dogs
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I'm pleased to report that the Tucson Police Department is now citing owners of uncontrolled barking dogs. Matter of fact, this has happened in an incident that I reported back on October 8. Seems that a nearby renter had left her blind dog outside while she went out for the evening. We neighbors were treated to a total of three hours of barking, which finally ceased around midnight.

The case will be tried in Tucson City Court, 103 West Alameda Street, at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 9. The defendant's name is Elizabeth Isaacs. The case number is CO 9116480. More . . .

This case represents quite a sea change within the City of Tucson. In the past, citizens who called 911 with barking dog complaints would be told, either by 911 dispatch or by the police, that they must use the (dysfunctional) Pima Animal Care Center animal noise complaint process.

Anyone who is concerned about animal noise and the effect it has on neighborhood quality of life is invited to come and observe the proceedings on December 9.

Karolyn Kendrick, Feldman`s Neighborhood

NSN is continuing to push for active enforcement of City ordinances and state laws that help improve the quality of life in Tucson's neighborhoods.  It is always nice to highlight good news and to applaud the efforts of Tucson Police to assist in reaching this goal. Following this case (and others like it) as it moves through City Court will help us check on the rest of the justice system's approach to these issues.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 November 2009 )
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