Good Neighbors Keep Their Noise to Themselves
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Tucson's Noise Ordinance: Part II, Chapter 16 of Tucson's Municipal Code (Neighborhood Preservation) covers excessive noise (Sec. 16-31) along with Unruly Gatherings (Sec. 15-32) and a number of other violations. (Click on the + beside PART II TUCSON CODE to see chapters)

" No person shall conduct or permit any activity that produces a dB(A) beyond that person's property line exceeding the levels specified in Table I. (Residential - no more than 62 db(A) sound level 10:00 PM - 7:00 AM)"

"Persons responsible for noise violations. If the person responsible for an activity that violates this section cannot be determined, the owner, lessee or occupant of the property on which the activity is located shall be deemed responsible for the violation. "

Good Neighbors Keep Their Noise to Themselves is the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse's guide to noise ordinances from around the country.

How loud is 62 dB?

Near-total Silence 0 dB
Quiet Whisper 15 dB
Ticking Watch 20 dB
Quiet Library 30 dB
Average Whisper 30 dB
Quiet bedroom at night 30 dB
Hum of a Refrigerator 40 dB
Quiet Room 40 dB
Moderate Rainfall 50 dB
Normal Conversation 60 dB
Dishwasher 60 dB
Sewing Machine 60 dB
Washing Machine 70 dB
Vacuum Cleaner 70 dB
Alarm Clock (two feet away) 80 dB
Busy Street 80 dB
Average Traffic 85 dB
Lawnmower 90 dB
Shop Tools, Truck Traffic 90 dB
Blow Dryer/Subway Train 100 dB
Snowmobile, Pneumatic Drill 100 dB
Power Mower/Chainsaw 105 dB
Tympani and Base Drum Rolls 106 dB
Rock Music (Stereo) 110 dB
Model Airplane 110 dB
Screaming Child 110 dB
Car Horn 110 dB
Rock Concert/Loud Thunder 120 dB
Amplified Rock Music (4-6 feet away),
Band Practice
120 dB
Car Stereo at Near Full Volume 120 dB
Jackhammer/Jet of a Commercial
plane (from 110 feet)
130 dB
Gunshot or Firecracker 140 dB
Air Raid Siren 140 dB
Peak of Rock Music 150 dB

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