Code Compliance
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A number of issues related to trash, debris and unsightly properties are covered by City Code and various regulations.

The City of Tucson's Housing and Community Development Department is responsible for investigating code complaints that affect the health and safety of residents by enforcing a number of City regulations such as the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance, Refuse Code, provisions of the Land Use code, Sign Code and the Peddlers’ Ordinance.

Property, Housing, Zoning, Signs, Debris and other Code Violation Complaints

Some of the areas dealt with by HCD include:

Exterior Property Issues
Excessive residential storage
Excessive vegetation
Junk motor vehicles
Illegal Dumping
Trash, debris
Abandoned shopping carts
Refuse and recycling container violations

Interior Property Issues
Criminal nuisance properties
Lack of utilities, heating, or cooling
Inoperable plumbing
Pests, bees, cockroaches, rodents
Unmaintained and unsecured pools
Unsafe interior and living conditions
Vacant, neglected, boarded structure

Construction work without permits
Excessive yard sales
Graffiti removal
Hazardous building modifications
Home occupations illegal to the zone
Mobile peddlers
Non-conforming setbacks
Non-permitted or illegal signs
Zoning violations

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