NSN Core Group Meeting - 8/31/09
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Ten neighborhood leaders met the evening of Monday, August 31, 2009 in a Ward 6 meeting room. Included were NSN Core Group members Jeanette and Bill Seitz of South Park NA, Ronni Kotwica of Palo Verde NA and Donald Ijams of Peter Howell NA. Also in attendance were Carolyn Classen of Sam Hughes NA, Randy Van Nostrand of El Montevideo NA, Joanie Sawyer of Doolen-Fruitvale/PRO Neighborhoods, Scott Benjamin of Colonia Del Valle NA, Maggie Gerring of South Park NA and Tres English of San Clemente NA/Empowering Local Communities.

Around the table, attendees spoke of current events in their neighborhoods and items on their neighbors’ minds. Among the topics mentioned were apathy (difficulty in obtaining participation in neighborhood watch), crime, neighborhood events involving multiple neighborhoods, development of shopping complexes and cleanup of riparian areas, effort put into establishing and maintaining neighborhood watches, maintenance equipment available to residents, hotel remodeling and abandonment of a street segment, supporting local businesses, neighborhood traffic problems, picnics and stray dogs.

The Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance and code enforcement processes were discussed. Education of neighborhood leaders in this area, showing what improvement is possible in neighborhood quality of life, might be the focal point of a future NSN workshop.

Also discussed was upcoming input that will be sought from neighborhoods as part of the Tucson Regional Visioning Process (to be called Imagine Greater Tucson), an outgrowth of the Tucson Regional Town Hall of 2008.

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