Aging Water and Gas Pipes
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Tres English, of the San Clemente Neighborhood, started an interesting discussion on the old NSN discussion board:

"At some point, I would like to see us approach issues like the deterioration of our aging housing stock.  I did a study for Pima County a couple of years ago, and there are a number of important issues that neighborhoods need to address collectively.

For example, almost all the houses in Peter Howell were built in the late 40s-50s.  So were the ones in San Clemente.  SW Gas is replacing the gas mains in our neighborhood right now, and occasionally they are causing the 50-60 year-old pipes to "give up the ghost" and start to leak.  My neighbor is suddenly without gas and has a $1500 bill to fix the damage.  Most houses won't fail at this precise moment, but most will fairly soon, simply because they have 50-60 year-old pipes, which are basically linear piles of rust. Most water pipes are in the same shape.  (This all refers only to the pipes in the ground.  In-house pipes are generally in OK shape.)"

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 04 April 2009 )
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