NSN Core Group Meeting - 2/25/09
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On the evening of February 25, 2009, the NSN Core Group met to talk over the possibility of a NSN sponsored event this spring.  In attendance were Marc Haberman, Bill Holden, Bill Seitz, Jeanette Seitz, Ron Spark and Donald Ijams. Absent were Michael Ray, Wood Sanders, Robert Bowers and Ronni Kotwica (due to her son’s medical issue).

We talked over a number of reactions neighbors are having to the current financial crisis.  People are showing more interest in coming together in these hard times and taking better care of each other.  One way this feeling is showing up is a willingness to pitch in to help various institutions that affect our lives (particularly the City of Tucson) to serve us all.  Are there areas where citizens can fill in as services decline?  Is it possible to actively collaborate with institutions?  City/Neighborhood partnerships can take on any number of forms.

Some suggestions brought forward were an expansion of the neighborhood watch concept to cover more areas of neighborhood overview, such as noticing newly abandoned houses and signs of distress in elderly neighbors.  Others thought that more neighborhoods could actively adopt their neighborhood parks.  Models of citizen support for recreational activities offered by City Parks and Recreation are being tested and can be shared. Ward level coalitions can be expanded.

Ways can be found to allow the use of City facilities that will close more often as staffing declines. Some rules and regulations may need to be relaxed to allow creative use of volunteer energy and ideas.  Every neighborhood has a number of walkers and people out and about.  How can these people aid the neighborhood?

The group agreed that a NSN sponsored meeting was in order.  The City is in the process of joining departments in various combinations, to save money.  The thinking is that soon might be a good time to meet with upper management of whichever new department will be the City’s ain interface with neighborhoods.  A blending of ideas, such as those mentioned above, with a discussion of the City’s thinking about priorities would be good.  Directions of the new department might be influenced by neighborhood leaders’ input and areas for possible collaboration might be uncovered.

The Core Group is thinking of a two hour meeting sometime in last week of April or in the first week of May, on a Wednesday or Thursday evening at a central location. More information will follow.

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