Police Incident Summary Tables for 2008
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Several tables have been prepared to summarize Tucson Police incident data by neighborhood for 2008.  Neighborhoods are rank ordered in several lists according to incident counts for the year and by incidents per square mile. Incidents per square mile statistics are used to account for the varying sizes of Tucson's neighborhoods. Review of these tables should let you know how your neighborhood fits into the overall Tucson picture.

2008 Police Incident Summary Tables

What to do if your neighborhood is near the top of the list

Police incident data used in these tables covers the City of Tucson. It does not include data from Pima County, South Tucson, University of Arizona, Pima Community College, Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson International Airport, state, federal or other law enforcement agencies.

Police incidents were screened according to definitions included in the local version of the Uniform Crime Reporting program of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Police incident information is approximate and subject to change. This is particularly true of the most recent information.

Data on reported and discovered police incidents is based on factors that change over time; therefore use of this data should be made with caution. Some factors affecting police data are:
  • Actual number of police incidents as interpreted through Uniform Crime Reporting rules, including record updates based on new information
  • Rate of reporting by citizens or crime victims
  • Time lags in completion of or automation of police reports
  • Neighborhood boundaries as included in geoprocessing tables
  • Special efforts of police to reduce crime (which may increase the amount of crime known to police)
  • Special efforts of victims to reduce crime, such as shoplifting prevention programs (which may increase the amount of crime known to police)
  • Data processing practices, including geocoding match rate (approximately 99.3% for this data)
  • Changes in the law or in criminal justice system policies and practices

Several neighborhoods do not have areas calculated and therefore do not have entries in several of the tables.

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