Neighborhood Crime Rates
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Neighborhood crime rates are available here.  As part of a table of 2008 year to date police incident summary information, crime rates per square mile are now available (far right side of table).

Tucson’s neighborhoods range in size from Sierra Estates at 0.029 square miles to Rita Ranch at 15.399 square miles. Since there is such a disparity in size, I’ve altered one of the NSN police incident tables to show neighborhood crime rates per square mile.

There are a number of ways to produce crime rates, including crimes per thousand persons, crimes per thousand households and crimes per square mile. It is certainly the case that neighborhood population and housing density differ. But since the 2000 U.S. Census block data is eight years old now and because I have most neighborhood sizes easily at hand, I’ve chosen to show rates per square mile.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 January 2009 )
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