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The following message was sent to NSN members on 9/26/08:

Report to the Membership

Several members of the NSN Core Group met last night to consider the current state of the Network and what might be next.

Apparently, the Core Group’s thinking about what might be an attractive event for members is not producing results.  Despite assembling a first rate panel on a focused topic, only a handful of NSN members attended the September 13 workshop on the ins and outs of changes to neighborhood land use.

Was the day of the week, time of the day, location or the time of year wrong? Were there competing events that drew your attention?  Or was the topic wrong or our approach to it wrong?  Are we all “meetinged out” ?

It looks like we’ll space out our future meetings, at a minimum, and look for more input from you to determine interest.

Any reactions you might have or suggestions as to future activities for the Network will be appreciated and shared with others.

Good idea to solicit ideas from the various neighborhoods.  I suspect we are all so busy working for issues in our neighborhood, that we don't have time to attend additional NSN workshops.  I was out of town on 9/13 or would have attended.  Just keep sending us alerts and reminders of events going on -- that is one of the goals of NSN to inform us of what other neighborhoods are doing, or what the Ward offices are hosting.

Carolyn Classen, Sam Hughes NA

That would be my vote (“all meetinged out”). I thought the topic you chose was interesting, but I'm afraid that being neighborhood president takes up all the "volunteer" hours that I have. Add in an hour's drive (plus gas), the fact that I work every morning from 8-noon including weekends (I have my own business), and the sitting around in meaningless meetings far too often ... you get the picture.

Helen G., Doolen/Fruitvale

In my case, I didn't attend because of a combination of bad timing and lack of real relevance—my neighborhood is pretty well insulated from the possibility of land-use issues. But that doesn't mean I won't be interested in future topics.

James Reel, Brichta NA

Weekends are highly valued because of my work week schedule.  I can tell you this is the primary reason for my not participating in NSN sessions.  Weekday early evenings (T,W,Th) are much preferred, so long as the sessions are not too lengthy.

John Mulholland, Richland Heights West NA

I would have loved to attend, however, that was the weekend of my little sister's 60th birthday in Vermont. So I went east for a lot of family doings.  Sorry the panel group was not well attended. I had urged others in my neighborhood to attend. My guess is that there were competing interests on Saturday.

I think that September especially the first 3 weeks are really hard because everything seems to be starting up again after the break of the summer. Some things start with the school year in August, but all seem to be back for post Labor Day.

In  general, I find that the 4th week of the month is less scheduled for me personally. However, this weekend I am visiting daughter and grand kids in California.

Alice Roe, Blenman-Elm NA

I am sorry to hear about the poor turnout Sept 13.  I can only speak for myself why I was not there. Perhaps I am all 'meetinged out', wanting to attend only  those meetings that I feel directly impact my neighborhood. Land use was not a priority for me and perhaps I am wrong in thinking this as I probably could have learned a lot.  And certainly the past workshops I have attended have been more than worthwhile.

The NSN idea is so great and yet I find that as I get more involved in issues, basically my neighborhood is where these issues can be and must be resolved.  So  the question becomes, how can the NSN be more useful to us on a neighborhood basis.  I certainly want to maintain a connection to other neighborhoods and I want to support the efforts already undertaken, especially your commitment, Donald.

Ida Plotkin, Garden District NA

Could be a total lack of interest

Frank Salbego, Eastside NA

Mesquite Ranch had a major community event on Sept 13th and was unable to
attend.  Land Use is a subject we are very interested in being in the
Houghton Corridor with major development planning in the works. 

Would like to revisit if possible.

I think the law enforcement report created by NSN is very good.

I also think we are meeting'd out.  I believe, from what I have seen, the
NSN has merit and can provide meaningful info and tools for neighborhood
associations.  I can only do so much.

Keep your head up...good job.

Kind regards,

Randall Pierce, Mesquite Ranch Neighborhood Assn

I thought the meeting subject sounded wonderful!! I hated to miss it. I had another commitment and couldn't attend. I could not get anyone else from our NA to attend either.  All of you are doing a terrific job. I am so sorry that so few attended.

Barbara Whitaker, Sombras del Cerro NA President

I think being "meetinged out" is a very good description.  I personally have at least 2 meetings a week.  Although I have been able to delegate others to a few of the beneficial meetings like W3NA; I do not have enough able bodied members to attend all the worthwhile groups. Next week alone, I have 3 meetings.  I think spreading out meetings is a great thing.  ECH only meets quarterly for that very reason.

Tori Stypula, Chairperson, El Cortez Heights NA

For one, I have as many other meetings as I can handle. Two aspects seem to be key to the viability of the two organizations I am currently involved with: Sustainable Tucson and Lend A Hand Senior Outreach, Inc. They both have a passionate focus and a base friendship at the helm. No doubt there are other things that stabilize and grow organizations, including structural organizing ability, which NSN has admirably done. I value your efforts in trying to grow the effectiveness of the City Wards representation. Thanks for all you are doing... Best,

Ron Proctor, Mountain First Avenue NA

I have been thinking about the problem of low workshop participation. This seems to be an issue with every group we're involved with, not just NSN. I think everyone is feeling stressed and over-committed, whether that be with meetings, family obligations or just trying to make a living. The poor economy and all the doom-and-gloom being reported in the media can't be helping either. Maybe people are trying to simplify and prioritize to try to feel in control, so they aren't doing anything more than necessary.

I don't think the poor attendance on Sept. 13 had anything to do with the workshop quality; it was first-rate and very informative. It's just a shame more people didn't take advantage of the opportunity. Personally I liked the time - it wasn't too early, but still early enough that it didn't take the whole day. Having it on Saturday was probably ok (although I heard some grumbles). Folks who work weekdays want it on weekends but then there are others who want to keep their weekend free - we just can't please everyone there. The only thing we can do is try different days/times. There were some competing events - I know pro neighborhoods had something going on and they were charging admission - but we are always going to have competition to some degree.

I will be interested to hear if you get any feedback on the topic choice... hard for me to believe but maybe folks just weren't very interested in our topic choice? We seem to have a fairly large number of folks/neighborhoods interested in the idea of NSN, but they also each seem to have their own pet interests (i.e. mini-dorms, liquor licenses, crime reduction). The issues apply to all neighborhoods to some degree, but the level of interest is going to vary based on how big a concern it is. When we zeroed in and made the workshop specific to one topic, maybe the only people who were interested enough to attend were those who were currently having a problem with that issue.

Jeannette Seitz, South Park NA

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