NSN Core Group Meeting - 7/14/08
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On Monday evening, July 14, 2008 at 6:30 PM, the Neighborhood Support Network Core Group met at the Ward 6 Office. Present were Donald Ijams, Robert Bowers, Ron Spark, Michael Ray, Bill Seitz and Jeanette Seitz.  Absent were Ronni Kotwica, Wood Sanders and Marc Haberman.

The meeting revolved entirely around the planning of a workshop for NSN leaders for early fall 2008.  Possible topics were reviewed and land use issues were seen as central to many leaders' concerns.

The meeting agenda handout was as follows:

New Uses for Neighborhood Land

When is it OK for a neighborhood to evolve?
When should change be embraced?

When should a neighborhood object to change?
What changes will degrade neighborhood life?


· Aviation route to I-10 - what gets torn down?
· New Scottsdale hotel on state lease land (proceeds to education) will ruin view of McDowell Mountains
· Wal-Mart going into Macy's at El Con
· Army Reserve Center deactivated - what new use will there be for the facility?
· Wetmore Rd. commercial development
· Church into charter school
· Higher density development in Miramonte
· Higher density development in Jefferson Park
· Neighborhood street to be abandoned for hotel expansion
· Soup kitchen coming to neighborhood church
· Single family, owner occupied home now being rented out
· Liquor license being moved to a neighborhood building

Landlord Accountability - What has changed on the ground
Neighborhood Impact Statement - Is such a thing needed? When?
Neighborhood input mechanisms - Do they work?

Workshop - Conference - Roundtable - ??
Saturday, Sept. 13, 10:00 AM - 12:30   or  ??
NSN - July 14, 2008

The Core Group agreed that for 2 ½ hours on Saturday, September 13, 2008, a workshop will be presented surrounding the process of dealing with changes in land use in neighborhoods.  Two case histories will be presented to a panel of knowledgeable people (experienced neighborhood leaders and others, to be determined).  Comments on approach, tips, regulations involved, lessons learned, resources available and steps likely to enhance neighborhood clout will be offered.  Audience participation will be interwoven with panel commentary.

One case study will be the closing of the Army Reserve center on Silverlake, land transfer to the City and the subsequent process (still ongoing) to determine its use.
The other will be comparing/contrasting infill development in Miramonte and Jefferson Park neighborhoods.

Location of the workshop: Santa Rosa Neighborood Center, 1080 S. 10th Ave.  See Scheduled Event Notice.

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