NSN Core Group Meeting - 6/5/08
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The Neighborhood Support Network Core Group met Thursday, June 5, 2008 at the Martha Cooper Library beginning at 6:30 PM. Core Group members Michael Ray, Ronni Kotwica, Ron Spark, Donald Ijams, Bill Seitz and Jeanette Seitz were present; Bob Bowers, Wood Sanders and Marc Haberman were absent.

All members at the meeting participated in discussing current events in their neighborhoods. Michael talked of dealing with various commercial developments occurring in the Limberlost Neighborhood, Ron talked about a Wal-Mart very likely coming to the old Macy's building at El Con Mall, Bill Seitz reviewed South Park's work in determining a new use for the deactivated Army Reserve facility in his neighborhood, Ronni spoke of the Grant Alvernon crime reduction initiative and also about a church property changing into a charter school and Don spoke of continuing problems with unsavory characters going door to door requesting money.  Changing land uses and neighborhoods' reactions to them characterized much of the discussion.

Members discussed the Network and its current status. The April 26 general meeting had half the attendance of the January 19 meeting.  Conflicting activities were mentioned as a possible reason for lower attendance. Meeting day and time of Saturday mornings at 10:00 - 12:30 still seemed the best for NSN gatherings. The group also agreed that continuing to move the meeting locations around the City was a good idea.

As to next events for Network members, the group discussed the idea of workshops.  A  number of NSN members have suggested that a well done workshop might be very well received.  Several topics were tossed around and it was agreed to ask for input from all NSN members.  The first two weeks in September were identified as the target timeframe for the first workshop.

Several Core Group members indicated their desire to add content to the NSN website. Michael, Jeanette and Ronni have content in mind.  The group discussed that a newsletter would be useful in communicating with NSN leaders on topics of current interest.

Don mentioned the opening up of access to fresh crime and police incident data and his intention to look for assistance in setting it up for easy access by neighborhood leaders.  The Core Group plans to meet again in the next 4 - 6 weeks. 

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