Request for Fresh Crime Data - May 21 Update
Written by NSN Coordinator   

On Wednesday, May 21, 2008, TPD Asst. Chief Sharon Allen sent a message in response to the Feb. 27 NSN request for improved access to police incident data. Her message said that a file is now available for download by the public through the following link:

This file has data for the last 45 days of police incidents and is updated every weekday at 7:30 AM.  The file available today, May 29, has 37,914 records in it, dated from April 14 through May 28.  This file has information about what police activity happened in your neighborhood yesterday.

The data file is in comma separated values (CSV) format, in a ZIP-compressed file.  The data fields include a masked street address (e.g., 4600 Blk E. Broadway Bl) for each incident and X and Y coordinates for the interpolated position of the street number based on the address range of the street segment.

NSN work with this data, to provide easier access to neighborhood leaders, will occur this summer.  Our thanks to Tucson Police for this improved access. See the following for more information about this data.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 14 June 2008 )
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