All NSN Meeting - 4/26/08
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Twenty four neighborhood leaders met for two and one half hours Saturday morning, April 26, 2008 at the Quincie Douglas Center on E. 36th St.  These leaders represented the following neighborhoods: Miramonte, Keeling, Sam Hughes, West University, San Clemente, South Park, Sunnyside, Midtown, Brichta, Enchanted Hills, Peter Howell, Cabrini, Limberlost, Palo Verde, La Madera, Midvale Park and Arroyo Chico neighborhoods.

Small group discussions centered around:
A. Increasing neighbor participation in neighborhood life - build a list of good ideas
B. Successful collaborations among neighborhoods  - helping factors / hindering factors
C. Practical steps for leaders in dealing with crime problems and police
D. How to grow the Neighborhood Support Network (uncovering common priorities, moving toward more influence)

Present plans for the next NSN meetings center around the first two weeks of September 2008.  NSN sponsored workshops are being considered.

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Increasing Neighbor Involvement in Neighborhood Life Discussion Groups

In two small group discussion, a number of ideas for increasing neighbor involvement were suggested:

Ronni Kotwica, of Palo Verde neighborhood, chaired one discussion group.  "I just started out with an introduction about building relationships, and that the Palo Verde Neighborhood Watch project had neighbors within their own 'community' (one block) beginning to communicate, which for some had not transpired for 30+ years.  This project was the building block for that improved communication. At the last NA meeting, the majority in attendance were those who recently had become involved with Neighborhood Watch."

  • Begin neighborhood watch blocks
  • Picnic in the park – 4th of July parade/Halloween party/Easter egg hunt
  • National night out event – August 5th
  • Arts & crafts fair
  • Stay at home yard sale
  • Neighborhood yard sale – one site
  • Neighborhood association clean-up
  • Plant/seed exchange/sale
  • Pool party
  • Resource fair
  • Make holidays a local event, e.g. Dia de San Juan
  • World fair – Sunnyside School District
  • Talents from the neighborhood show
  • Christmas party – decorations
  • Household hazardous waste collection
  • Citrus exchange, recipe exchange
  • Community garden
  • Define future with planned development
  • Incentives – to get residents to meetings (door prizes, gift cards, food)
  • Board members (obtaining) – if the board assisted a neighbor – reach out and ask them to now assist others serving on various committees - become part of the decision making process

Marc Haberman, of Cabrini neighborhood, guided the other small group discussion:

  • Have frequent meetings, events, activities, times and places for neighbor interaction
  • Consider a membership with benefits/dues
  • Have merchants donate door prizes for meetings
  • Do two fund raisers each year
  • Have a Welcome Neighbor Program with coupons - maybe flowers from a florist
  • Have monthly Meet Your Neighbor Programs such as a garden walk
  • Do local neighborhood flea markets / yard sales on the same day
  • Make the newsletter bilingual
  • Get more involved with Neighborhood Watch with security checks of homes
  • Do a police car ride along / Check into the Citizen Police Academy
  • Invite businesses in participate in the monthly meetings
  • Do outreach to different minority members of the community
  • Get youth involved with grants for yardwork for seniors, etc.
  • Involve schools, churches and homeowners associations
  • Have subcommittees to carry out goals and get more people involved w/ a task
  • Have the Pima County Health Department come and do blood pressure checks, etc
  • Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it about walking groups

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