Request for Fresh Crime Data - March 28 Update
Written by Crime Content Coordinator   

Tucson Police Assistant Chief Sharon Allen responded on Friday, March 28, with a further update on the Feb. 27 NSN request for improvements in the TPD website and for better access to fresh crime and police incident data.

TPD has made a number of improvements to its website, including more stability, more rapid response and the use of fresh crime data.  TPD is still exploring ways it can respond to the Network's request for better data access.

The NSN Crime Group replied this morning to Asst. Chief Allen's email of March 28 and offered point by point comments.

The NSN Crime Group very much hopes that TPD will consider our requests in a positive light and will respond in a timely manner to our reasonable requests for proper neighborhood labeling and for easy access to public police data.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 27 April 2008 )
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