Vanpool Eligibility Expansion
Written by Ron Spark   

The Vanpool program is now available to all regional commuters who work in Pima County. Looking for a way to minimize the stress you feel when driving to work? Want to save gas money? How about meeting new friends?

As part of Pima Association of Governments’ newly expanded regional you will be able to start a vanpool or join an existing Vanpool program. Only five people are needed to start a Vanpool, but larger groups with as many as 15 people can be accommodated. Now all commuters can participate regardless of their employer’s size.

Vanpooling is a great option for suburban commuters who travel longer distances to commercial centers in the county, such as downtown. It is a cost effective way to commute, since the monthly fare is divided up among all the passengers. The fare is determined by the size and style of vehicle, the number of passengers, and the miles driven each month. To increase Vanpool ridership, PAG has started a variable subsidy for Vanpool fares. In addition, many companies offer subsidies for Vanpoolers to reduce the monthly cost. There are also driver discounts or exemptions from monthly fares. Participants also may pay their fare with pre-tax dollars, which provides even more savings.

For more information about the Vanpool program, including Vanpool rates or contact Gayle Johnson, PAG’s Vanpool Coordinator, at 792-1093 or call PAGRideshare at 884-7433.Updates and more information is at the PAG website.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 March 2008 )
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