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Crime maps presented here are based on data from the Tucson Police Department. Area coverage for these maps is the City of Tucson and does not include most South Tucson, University of Arizona, Pima Community College, Davis Monthan AFB or Tucson International Airport cases, and does not systematically include surrounding metro areas. The data points that stand behind these maps are interpolated from Pima County street centerlines with a 30 foot offset and had an approximate 99.3% geocoding match rate.

Criminal incidents were screened according to definitions included in the Uniform Crime Reporting program of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Crime counts are approximate and subject to change. Hospitals, the Main Police Station and the Pima County Jail are sometimes are given as the location of crimes when no other information is available from people involved.

Crime density is relative. The darkest areas on a crime density map show the highest concentrations of crime incidents. If the City had half the crime or twice the crime is now has, the highest concentration areas would still be darkest. "Highest" concentration does not mean "high" crime.

It is important to note that the total incidence of reported and discovered crime, as mapped here, is due to a number of factors, including:

  • Actual amount of crime as interpreted through Uniform Crime Reporting rules
  • Rate of reporting by crime victims
  • Special efforts of police to reduce crime (which may increase the amount of crime known to police)
  • Special efforts of victims to reduce crime, such as shoplifting prevention programs (which may increase the amount of crime known to police)
  • Data processing practices, including geocoding match rate (approximately 99.3% for this data)
  • Changes in the law or in criminal justice system policies and practices

Therefore, interpretation of these maps should be attempted with caution, and should remain general and approximate.

2008 Crime Maps

2007 Crime Maps

2006 Crime Maps

2005 Crime Maps


About the Crime Density maps:

The density layer uses a kernel density surface to represent concentrations of crime. The CrimeStat III program is set to use a 1/2 mile search radius, quartic interpolation and a 250 foot grid. Absolute Densities are calculated at crime incidents per grid per year.

As an example, the median density for All Crime Incidents for 2007 is 2.269.

See also 2007 Crime Density Maps from Tucson Police. 

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