Request for Fresh Crime Data - March 7 Update
Written by Crime Content Coordinator   

Today, I received an update from Tucson Police Asst. Chief Sharon Allen on TPD efforts in response to our Feb. 27 request for better access to fresh crime data:

Hi Don,

I will ask that Officer Howell provide you with a copy of the December 2007 Consolidated Report. She was out of the office when I tried to reach her today but left her a message to contact me. See why no reason for her not to get that to you on Monday assuming she is here and no other priorities emerge. 

Regarding your other requests...we are working on getting that whole process together. As you are aware we have been continuing to have functionality issues with the web site. Once we get that back on track (hopefully next week - additional equipment/software had to be purchased) we will proceed to get all information requests accessible from the web site. First step - get the web site functioning properly, Second step- configure the site to provide the data of information you requested. You can expect another update from me next week at some point. Thanks for your continued support and interest. Sharon

Assistant Chief Sharon Allen
Administrative Services Bureau
Tucson Police Department
520-791-4499 x1511

Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 March 2008 )
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