Stakeholders in Traffic Mitigation/Beautification
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When planning to deal with neighborhood traffic problems, or attempting a street beautification project, it is important to consider all stakeholders. Many times, residents directly adjacent to the focus area are considered the only stakeholders. But a broader view will disclose that others have an interest too.

Anyone who travels the streets in question has a stake.  This particularly includes neighbors outside the adjacent area but who pass through the area daily. It is easy to forget that streets are primarily designed for vehicular traffic and some neighbors pull trailers through streets near their homes.

Neighbors beyond the project area have a stake in the appearance of the neighborhood and care greatly that traffic circles or other mitigation projects may be ineffective in slowing traffic, may be poorly designed or may become eyesores through poor maintenance.

An example of a neighborhood dealing with these issues was provided by Don Ijams:

During 2005-06, some neighbors in the northern portion of Peter Howell Neighborhood were pursuing trafic circles and other traffic calming changes. It turned out that a number of other neighbors did not want such changes to be made to their streets. A protracted email discussion took place that highlights some of the pros and cons of installing physical changes to residential streets.

Email discussion

At this writing, January 2008, there are no traffic circles or speed humps in the northern portion of Peter Howell Neighborhood.

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