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A Feb. 25 reply to Barbara Lehmann of Dodge-Flower Neighborhood:

The City Department of Neighborhood Resources is responsible for enforcing sign codes.  This includes having authority to impound any sign that is placed in the public right-of-way (sidewalks, along street curbs, on utility poles, in the medians, etc.)   This past fall (2007), we started a pro-active enforcement that included removing signs in the right of way.  In two months, we removed over 2000 signs. But due to a lawsuit filed against DNR in November, we were advised by the City Attorney to put this project on hold while we provide education to businesses to inform them of the code that governs signs in the public right-of-way.  We have now completed that assignment and we will re-begin pro-active enforcement next week.  In your email, you provided me with the streets that you would like us to inspect.  I will forward this information to our crew that impounds the signs found in the public right-of-way.  They should be able to start on this next week.  Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Teresa Williams

Code Enforcement Administrator
Dept. of Neighborhood Resources
City of Tucson
phone: 520-837-5005
fax: 520-791-2513
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Barbara: I appreciate you following up on this and that we know who to contact.  When you say your department is pro-active, does that mean your crew is dealing with all signs they see in addition to those that people specifically report to you?

Yes.  We will assign specific corridors (main streets) throughout Tucson to each inspector.  They will then sweep these streets and remove signs found in the right-of-way.  They will do it on a regular basis.  Our hope is that by removing signs on a regular basis will send the message to those that put them there that they will be wasting their time and money.  We will also sweep specific streets due to referrals or complaints when received.  Again, any questions, let me know.

Teresa Williams

Wow... I am MAJOR Impressed.  Good work.
Teresa, I have heard about your good work from neighbor groups and am pleased you are handling this task.
If the Pima County Attorney's Office can ever be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.
Brad Holland
Pima County Deputy Attorney for
Neighborhood Protection
32 North Stone #1933
Tucson, Arizona 85701

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