Request for Fresh Crime Data - Feb. 27 Meeting
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The data access meeting that NSN requested with the Tucson Police Department took place 1:00 - 2:15 PM on Wednesday February 27. NSN members Bowers, Plotkin, Haberman, Whitaker, Kotwica and Ijams attended.  Asst. Chief Sharon Allen chaired the meeting.  TPD personnel Leavitt, Nunez, Armstrong and Kistler participated.

Neighborhood leaders described their request (see Read more... for details) and gave examples of the situations in which police incident data would be used. An itemized list of the requested data elements was provided to meeting attendees.  TPD described improvements to their website's crime statistics section, particularly a recent change to the use of fresh data. TPD reacted affirmatively to our request, agreed to look into what was needed to respond and to report progress back to us no later than the end of next week.

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Several neighborhood leaders will be meeting with Tucson Police Assistant Chief Sharon Allen and her staff this Wednesday to talk over ways leaders can improve their access to fresh crime data. The current lag in reporting police incidents is not ideal. Leaders scheduled to attend include: Barbara Whitaker - President, Sombras del Cerro NA, Ida Plotkin - President, Midtown The Garden District, Marc Haberman - Neigh. Watch Leader, Cabrini NA, Robert Bowers - President, Toumey Park NA, Ronni Kotwica - Vice President - Palo Verde NA and Donald Ijams - President, Peter Howell NA. 

Leaders understand that data will change as new information comes in and TPD Records makes updates. Nevertheless, they find that the most recent data possible is necessary to respond citizens who want to know about current, on-going crime problems.  Also, other neighborhood level analyses, not now available from TPD, will be possible to produce. Neighborhood leaders want only public data, in keeping with that which is already distributed.  Small, additional processing of the currently produced mapping file will provide a good basis for leaders' further processing.

Sample Crime Graph
Example of Police Incident Processing

We are asking for fresh, accurate data on police incidents occurring in our neighborhoods. We want to know whatever we can about what police incidents happened as recently as yesterday. We want to be able to narrow down the data to just our neighborhood boundaries. We want to be able to compare recent weeks' crime counts in our neighborhoods with those from the 52 weeks before, by crime type. We want to gather crime statistics for small areas as a baseline for evaluating crime reduction efforts, and for supporting grant applications and other attempts to garner resources. We want to identify high frequency police call locations in our neighborhoods for concentrated attention. We want to make crime maps to help our residents see their area in comparison with the City as a whole.

Our hope is that TPD will work wih us to improve our access to public crime data.  We want to be full partners with police and better data access will allow us to play our roles in a more complete manner.

Request as presented in February 27, 2008 meeting

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