2007 Survey of Neighborhoods
Survey Results by Issue / Topic
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Tucson area neighborhoods have begun to share information about their priorities, talents and current/completed projects. More neighborhoods are expected to participate in this initial gathering of information. A number of additional ways to present this information are anticipated. Stay tuned.

Here is a listing of issues / projects that have received some priority by neighborhood leaders. Under each issue is a list of interested neighborhoods.

Click: Preliminary Listing of Issues / Projects of Interest -Priority

Click: Preliminary Listing of Issues / Areas of Expertise - Experience

Click: Preliminary Listing of Issues / Areas of Recent Acitivity

Last Updated ( Saturday, 18 October 2008 )
Survey Participants
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  • Civano Neighbors
  • Toumey Park Neighborhood Association
  • Dietz Neighborhood Association
  • Miramonte Neighborhood Association
  • Midtown, The Garden District
  • Peter Howell
  • Sam Hughes
  • Menlo Park
  • Campbell/Grant NE
  • Feldman's
  • Rosemont West
  • South Park
  • Old Fort Lowell
  • Mountain/1st
  • Vista del Monte

Leaders from the above neighborhoods completed the first round survey, as shown in the preliminary results.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 November 2007 )
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