Updated: Sunday October 22, 2017

Tucson Police Incidents

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Wilshire Heights Neighborhood

Location of Incident Date
Dispatched As
Officer Cleared
Incident As
300 BLK S CRAYCROFT RD  10-21 Sat 04:42 PM Fight Mental case transported to treatment 1710210390
5800 BLK E NORTH WILSHIRE DR  10-19 Thu 11:50 AM SUSACT Suspicious person 1710190232
300 BLK S CRAYCROFT RD  10-19 Thu 07:38 AM Family fight Assault minor injury 1710190105
400 BLK S DOWNING LN  10-17 Tue 10:51 AM FDPROP Found property 1710170415
400 BLK S BRIGHTON LN  10-10 Tue 02:20 PM SUICDL E172830635
5800 BLK E NORTH WILSHIRE DR  10-04 Wed 04:39 AM Theft E172770098
300 BLK S CRAYCROFT RD  09-26 Tue 08:09 AM EXPOSE Assault minor injury 1709260155

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