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Silvercroft Neighborhood

Location of Incident Date
Dispatched As
Officer Cleared
Incident As
1900 BLK W WAVERLY ST  02-15 Thu 10:33 AM COURTORD Civil matter other 1802150244
1900 BLK W WAVERLY ST  02-14 Wed 05:45 PM THREAT Civil matter other 1802140628
1900 BLK W LINDEN ST  02-10 Sat 11:41 PM Disorderly conduct E180410982
1900 BLK W WAVERLY ST  02-04 Sun 02:16 PM SUSACT E180350478
1900 BLK W LESTER ST  01-28 Sun 05:31 PM LARCENY E180280597
1900 BLK W LESTER ST  01-27 Sat 08:53 PM SUSACT E180270776
1800 BLK W WAVERLY ST  01-22 Mon 09:22 AM City code violation License and regulation violations 1801220172
1800 BLK W WAVERLY ST  01-20 Sat 10:21 PM ABUSE Check welfare 1801210002
W LESTER ST & N SILVERBELL RD  01-20 Sat 02:19 AM VEHICLE E180200115
1800 BLK W WAVERLY ST  01-16 Tue 04:30 PM City code violation E180160803

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