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Tucson Police Incidents

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Barrio San Antonio Neighborhood

Location of Incident Date
Dispatched As
Officer Cleared
Incident As
400 BLK S STAR AV  06-18 Sun 09:03 AM Vandalism Intentional vandalism 1706180244
E 13TH ST & S PARK AV  06-18 Sun 08:28 AM Theft Larceny from vehicles 1706180201
E 15TH ST & S KINO PW  06-11 Sun 03:03 AM WANTPR E171620138
E 16TH ST & S SANTA RITA AV  06-07 Wed 08:39 PM SUSVEH E171580994
E 15TH ST & S KINO PW  06-01 Thu 06:30 PM Accident no injury E171520986
600 BLK S STAR AV  05-29 Mon 10:15 AM Prowler Suspicious person 1705290207
1400 BLK E 15TH ST  05-26 Fri 05:03 PM Unknown trouble E171460851
S KINO PW & E WINSETT ST  05-25 Thu 01:00 PM TI E171450589
S KINO PW & E WINSETT ST  05-23 Tue 07:01 AM Traffic 1705230092
S KINO PW & E WINSETT ST  05-17 Wed 12:46 PM Stalled vehicle E171370600
1400 BLK E 16TH ST  05-10 Wed 06:51 PM LSTCHD E171300947

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