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Tucson Police Incidents

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Tucson Park West #1 Neighborhood

Location of Incident Date
Dispatched As
Officer Cleared
Incident As
2500 BLK W CALLE PARAISO  03-19 Sun 09:30 PM THREAT E170780885
2500 BLK W CALLE PARAISO  03-19 Sun 09:30 PM THREAT Larceny from residence 1703210310
2800 BLK W CALLE ARANDAS  03-15 Wed 01:25 PM SUSPH E170740640
2700 BLK W CALLE CARAPAN  03-12 Sun 08:23 PM PANIC E170710820
2600 BLK W CALLE PADILLA  03-12 Sun 06:08 PM Court order E170710664
2500 BLK W CALLE PADILLA  03-04 Sat 12:36 AM BRKDOG E170630029
100 BLK S CARAPAN PL  03-01 Wed 05:50 PM Preserve the peace E170600913
100 BLK S CARAPAN PL  02-25 Sat 11:26 AM Family fight Assault minor inj domestic violence 1702250225
2800 BLK W CALLE CARAPAN  02-25 Sat 10:42 AM Family fight E170560319
2600 BLK W CALLE PARAISO  02-13 Mon 07:29 AM Stolen veh located E170440144

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